Batman from Vegas?

The JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is rushing along like the Flash on a sugar high, so do they already have a heroic jaw in mind for the cowl of Batman?

According to IESB, hunky LAS VEGAS star Josh Duhamel tested for a part in George Miller's superhero smorgasbord, with the role of the non-Bale Dark Knight being the most probable fit for the actor. I actually like Duhamel quite a bit -- he certainly hasn't yet found the big-screen success he deserves (let's be honest, TRANSFORMERS was all about the 'bots), but I could picture him in the black cloak, or even wearing the big red S.

While I remain devastated that Jessica Biel will not be providing her otherworldly physique for the flick's Amazon heroine, I have to admit that some of the recent casting rumors are intriguing -- Duhamel, Adam Brody for Flash, Common for Green Lantern, even Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Wonder Woman (IESB claims HOSTEL II prey Bijou Phillips may have also auditioned for the part, which I can't envision). But if the movie is getting slapped together just to beat a theoretical deadline (and if it's as goofy as last week's report on Moviehole made it sound), then actors fitting in costumes may not be enough of a saving grace.
Extra Tidbit: A WONDER TWINS movie was in the works a few years ago (with director Shawn Levy, who has since been attached to the FLASH movie), until someone realized the characters are unbearably lame.
Source: IESB



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