Batman getting his own live-action stage show

Don’t freak out just yet. There’s not going to be a Batman musical or Broadway show, like tragically almost happened to poor Spider-man. Rather, this new stage show is supposed to be a family friendly action experience, with nary a musical note to be found.

The team behind Walking with the Dinosaurs, a similarly targeted show, will be working on the project and Batman: The Animated Series vets Alan Burnett and Stan Berkowitz will be writing it.

It’s a nationwide tour, will use many of the series’ villains, and if I was eight, I would be begging my parents to take me. Shit, I still might go.

As to what exactly this would be like, I’m not quite sure, but I keep flashing back to the Indian Jones live action stunt show at MGM Studios in Disneyworld, which I’ve posted below, but you know, a lot longer and not running twelve times a day.

What do you think about the idea?

Extra Tidbit: Mark Hamill as the live-action Joker! What else is he doing?
Source: Heat Vision



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