Batman sues Nolan

I wasn't going to bother addressing this because a) it's so utterly ludicrous and b) I'm so very, very tired of writing articles about THE DARK KNIGHT, but even the trades are picking up the story. Slow news day, indeed.

The mayor of Batman, the actual name of a city in Turkey, is suing both Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan for a piece of TDK's considerable profits. The allegations include using the city's name without permission, partial blame for unsolved murders, a high female suicide rate, and general difficulties for the city's natives.

And you thought Batman was a hero...

As to why this is just now an issue some 70 years after the character's creation and continued popularity, the likely suspects are exposure and dollar signs. One thing's for sure: something so idiotic will put Batman on the map. Where it apparently was already. Just not in Gotham.

Extra Tidbit: Batman, Turkey is located by the Batman River, near the banks of Robin and northeast of Kal-El. Hey, maybe this lawsuit does have merit...
Source: Variety



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