Batman updates

Holy shit Batman updates!! First up, THE DARK KNIGHT just broke the $500 million barrier domestically in half the time it took TITANIC. Which is ridiculous. I'm in Malaysia right now and when I took my parents to a midnight showing a couple of days ago we were forced to sit in the front row because it was still almost selling out. I've seen it like seven times or something now but I just can't stop. This thing is like the water that guy engineers in THE TUXEDO. Except it doesn't kill you.

Also in a hugely throw-away comment, Johnny Depp has spoken about possibly playing The Riddler in the next Batman movie. Then next Batman movie that doesn't even really exist yet. Still, here it is:

Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
Depp: Oh yeah I heard about that. Not that I know of.
Host: You'd be a good choice.
Depp: It seems like it'd be a fun gig for a while, yeah.

So there you have it -- Johnny Depp is probably maybe would love to is down with the idea but definitely wants to oh my god it's happening down with playing The Riddler. Negotiations will likely begin tomorrow.
Extra Tidbit: Now all we have to do is get Cher signed up!
Source: Comic Cynic



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