Batman villains as drawn on the iPad

I don't have an iPad but I've seen the Sketchbook Pro app for the iPhone and I've never been able to draw anything that doesn't look like a muddy puddle or a grey, cloudy sky. Then again, I'm not Jim Lee. Lee, the legendary comic artist and current DC Comics co-publisher, went out and got himself an iPad and promptly fired up Sketchbook Pro on the much larger screen and quickly hammered out some art. Here are his drawings of Joker and Catwoman that he did with his fingers...

I couldn't do that with a giant pad of paper and 10 days and he finished that on a iPad in just a few hours. Pretty impressive stuff. If you find any more cool movie or comic-related Sketchbook art, send it in and I'll update this article.

Extra Tidbit: Got a chance to hang with Jim Lee at Comic-Con a few years back and he really is one of the nicest guys around.
Source: JoBlo.com



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