Batmobile explodes!

Since the anticipatory (it's a word) fervor surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT is so crazy that just because Michael Keaton happened to be in Chicago last week, it's automatically assumed he must have some kind of covert role in the movie (I'm going to look like a tool if it actually happens now), I'm going to hit you guys with another story which would probably - if it wasn't THE DARK KNIGHT related - be as interesting as those floating candle things:

Although there are no plot explanations for it as of yet, Freezedriedmovies is reporting that their insider has told them next week they'll be blowing up the Batmobile!

I really hope this isn't going to be the transition into the original Batmobile design because while I know a lot of people hate the fact that it was replaced with the 'tank', I think it adds to the realism, and perhaps wouldn't work if Batman rolled around in the traditional model. But what do I know? And this is all speculation at this point!



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