Bats, Hulk, trailers

I think that apart from BENJAMIN BUTTON, my two most anticipated films this year are THE DARK KNIGHT and THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Remarkably, we have some information on the trailers for both of these superpowered flicks today.

First up, rumor has it that THE DARK KNIGHT will next be drawing wood for us schmoes on March 7th with 10,000 BC. The trailer will presumably be less Joker-ific and more Harvey Dent-ified. Which is all good, since Two Face was my favourite character growing up and I was pretty bummed about not seeing him at all in the first trailer. Actually, now that we're talking about this flick again I've just been reminded I haven't seen that IMAX prologue yet, which I am also pretty bummed about.

Second up, THE INCREDIBLE HULK is also reported to be hitting with 10,000 BC, or at the latest with DOOMSDAY on March 14th. We've already had a little SPOILER info on what we can expect from this thing, but still can't wait to see Norton get pissed off and square up to the Abomination. Wow, I had absolutely no interest in seeing BC, but now I'm all over it.
Extra Tidbit: On second thought this story wasn't all that remarkable. Cool, informative, wonderfully written, sure, but remarkable? Maybe not.



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