Bats, IM, Cap Am news?

Cinemablend has reported three comic-related rumors today. Alone, none of these would probably have been enough to warrant an article, but I figure at least one must have something to it. I think Gaia figured the same thing when she gave the rings out to the Planeteers, because no way Ma-Ti gets a ring on his own. And if it's a good enough policy for Mother Nature, it's good enough for me.

First up, apparently, in Gotham, for the third BATMAN film, The Joker is out. Like completely out. No re-casting, and I couldn't agree more. Instead we'll get a film that continues with Two Face, and possibly... sees the introduction of Robin? Also: Nolan is doing a Guillermo del Toro, and getting out after 3. Boo.

Second, apparently, Marvel was really busy today and couldn't make it round to punch your childhood in the nuts. Sorry. They will however, do the next best thing and draw up a shortlist of candidates for the vacant CAPTAIN AMERICA role, with Matthew McConaughey at the head.

And thirdly, apparently one of the plot lines being pushed for the IRON MAN sequel has Jackson’s Nick Fury enlisting the help of Tony Stark in going after a terrorist called The Mandarin. And the best bit (and probably my favorite ever sentence): The Mandarin will have at his disposal, an inter-galactic dragon called Fing Fang Foom.

Of course, all of this is just rumor at the moment. So don't worry about the McConaughey thing too much. But please, please, my friends: discuss!
Source: Cinemablend



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