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At the rate he actually finishes things, it could be another decade before we ever see James Cameron's live-action movie based on the popular manga BATTLE ANGEL ALITA (he originally announced it at Comic Con in 2002). Until he completes AVATAR (and whatever underwater projects or tech advancements distract him) and gets rolling on ALITA, we'll have to settle for whatever bits we can get.

MarketSaw recently chatted with Mark Goerner, a concept artist who already spent a year and a half working on crafting the BATTLE ANGEL world for Cameron's planned feature. While Goerner couldn't spill too many details (damn non-disclosure agreements), he does talk a little about his involvement and Cameron's approach to the material, working with other artists, the general design of the world and Alita herself. Check out the whole interview RIGHT HERE.

The subject matter should fit right into Cameron's filmography: BATTLE ANGEL ALITA is an epic story about a female cyborg discovered in a junk pile with no memory of her past. Her journey to uncover her secret history leads her into grand-scale battles while broaching larger questions about the line between man and machine Perfect themes for Cameron, who will reportedly be using the tech invented for AVATAR to bring it to life.

(This artwork came to us from 'FTWD'.)

Extra Tidbit: Cameron directed a 1988 western-themed music video (featuring Bill Paxton) for the band Martini Ranch, which you can check out RIGHT HERE.
Source: MarketSaw



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