Battle: Los Angeles trailer makes alien invasions look cool again

Looking for some quality alien invasion action this weekend? Then check out SKYLINE! No, not to watch actually watch SKYLINE (which, by all accounts, is pretty terrible) but to check out this trailer for BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.

You might remember the news from the summer when Sony Pictures was threatening legal action against Colin and Greg Strause, the directors of SKYLINE who were also working on visual effects for BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. Sony was a little peeved that they had been working on their own aliens-invade-Los-Angeles film without mentioning anything and beating them to theaters. Well it looks like Sony will have the last laugh.

If this trailer (teaser trailer really, even though it runs a solid 2:30) is any indication of the final product, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES will be the alien invasion movie we're waiting for. This is just a superbly cut trailer that just put a movie that wasn't so much on my radar, high up on my radar. Check it out below and let me know what you think...

Extra Tidbit: This trailer doesn't even have the movie's name in it, that's how badass it is.
Source: JoBlo.com



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