Battle Royale being re-released in 3D for some reason

This post is good news/bad news for me. The good news is I get to finally write about my favorite Japanese film/movie drinking game BATTLE ROYALE, something I never thought I'd do here since no American studio is ballsy enough to remake that film in the States.

The bad news is the reason I’m writing is not to announce a new modern day installment in the franchise about a brutal alterverse where kids are made to kill each other for sport, rather the film is being slated for a conversion to 3D and a re-release in theaters. Uh, what?

Original director Kinji Fukusaku’s son is supervising the conversion, but one has to ask “why?” as BATTLE ROYALE was a lot of things, but “visually stunning” wasn’t exactly one of them, and I can’t imagine a 3D conversion is going to look anything near good.

Sure it was released in 2000, but looks a lot more dated than that. Some films from a decade ago might survive a conversion to 3D, like THE MATRIX off the top of my head, but I think BATTLE ROYALE 3D would be dead on the operating table.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, this was also an excuse to post my BATTLE ROYALE Halloween costume from this past year. I think it turned out well, but imagine trying to explain it to sorority girls all night.
Source: ScreenDaily



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