Bay don't Twitter

For a brief explosive moment, it looked like TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN director/destructor Michael Bay had joined the growing ranks of famous types keeping interested parties privy to tiny thoughts via craze-of-the-week "networking" service Twitter.

Turns out it was yet another case of rampant counterfeit online personalities. "I will never have a Twitter account. Twitter. Never. What a waste of time," Bay himself posted at his message board (another method of updating fans and followers with short messages, ironically).

While it seems curious that the master of the three-second edit can't be bothered tapping through 140 characters, I suppose that's time better spent slicking something in sweat, filming it in slo-mo and then detonating it with a salvo of swarmer rockets (with metal riffs and CGI added in post, naturally).

This isn't the first time the internets have seen a Fake Bay -- over the years, his lawyers (which I imagine are all smoking hot chicks in glasses and lingerie) have already brought the hammer down on other spurious Twitter accounts and blogs, which contained some often believable and occasionally brilliant posts.

Extra Tidbit: Whether Twitter or Bay's movie output brings us quicker to Idiocracy remains to be seen. Hail Michael Bay.
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