Bay off TF2?

It seems like with the studio dragging its heels over the sequel to this summer's TRANSFORMERS, Michael Bay has decided to drop the project like it's hot and go blow some other stuff up instead. The man himself said, “Transformers 2', well that's another story. Iching [sic] to work pre-strike (June) so I might jump ship and come back a year or so later cause people at the studio have been dragging for two months. Not sure why. I'll keep you informed.” So I guess Bay just can't wait to get back to work, huh? I guess stuff exploding really doesn't get old. Is this a good thing? Him taking off and making something else before doing the TRANSFORMERS sequel we know is coming? Personally, I don't think so. I'd rather he stay in the whole TF universe, creatively and just take residence there while he makes another, or hopefully a couple more, like Raimi did with SPIDERMAN. Still though, Nolan did THE PRESTIGE between BATMAN films and I trust him wholeheartedly. We'll see how this goes, I guess.
Extra Tidbit: Don't forget, TRANSFORMERS on the IMAX, 21st September!
Source: Superherohype



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