Bay talks T'fmrs 2

I’m against premature sequel-talk, especially when it comes to TRANSFORMERS, since the first film wasn’t all that. But since Michael Bay is money in a Speedo, when the man speaks, I listen. Here’s what he had to say about part 2:

For the millions of viewers that logged on this year I want to thank you for the support. Transformers 2 will be coming soon. The new robots are really really unique and there are a lot of them this time.

Hopefully they won’t be inflicted with SPIDER-MAN 3 syndrome and pack the film with too many characters, because I already found some of the ‘bots in part 1 underdeveloped. I’m not as tapped into TRANSFORMERS lore as some of you might be, so fill me in: what kind of robots is he talking about? Dinobots? Omnibots? Fembots? TRANSFORMERS 2 is next on Bay’s filmography, which is surprising. He could have gone the Christopher Nolan way, by directing something lower key(for once) in between his blockbuster franchise installments. Instead he’s following the Raimi route, by neglecting other projects in order to maintain the momentum of his massive moneymaker. I guess we’re not really missing out on a potential masterpiece anyway, so who cares, right?

Extra Tidbit: Paramount has announced a June 26, 2009 release date for TRANSFORMERS 2.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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