Bay uses Ouija

TRANSFORMERS director Michael Bay will continue his relationship with toymakers Hasbro as he's just signed a deal to produce OUIJA, a thriller based on the classic board game. The film will be set up at Universal where Hasbro recently signed a six-year partnership. Details on the film weren't announced but it was revealed that it wouldn't be like JUMANJI where the game comes to life. Of course you can't talk about Ouija board thrillers without mentioning the 1986 Tawny Kitaen cult classic WITCHBOARD. Despite Bay's penchant for remaking classic horror films, you can bet your sweet bippy this modern day version will have nothing to do with WITCHBOARD. Expect a PG-13 more teen friendly affair this time around. David Berenbaum, oddly of ELF, will write the screenplay for Bay's Platinum Dunes, Hasbro and Universal. Bay is currently in production on UNBORN and FRIDAY THE 13TH as well as directing TRANSFORMERS 2 for Hasbro (who also have GI JOE in production for Paramount).

Extra Tidbit: Here's some NSFW Tawny Kitaen from WITCHBOARD...



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