Bay wrote TF2?

Director/destructor Michael Bay has no patience for that strike bullshit, because he already has a release date slotted for TRANSFORMERS 2 and he needs to get going and start blowing things up like right now dammit.

So rather than wait for actual WGA writers to slap together something slightly resembling a screenplay for another movie about giant vehicle-robots and idiotic humans, he went ahead and started one himself. "I've been writing TRANSFORMERS 2," Bay admitted, possibly while driving 170 MPH and/or receiving a humjob from his next female lead. "We've got our characters all designed. I always write all my scripts, my movies anyway so at least I've got something to give the writers. It's like a template. We have a really good outline so I worked on that. We had to because I want to make my date. I'm not going to let the strike take me down." Then his Ferrari transformed into a flying erect penis and ejaculated a salvo of high-yield swarmer missiles that blew up half of Westwood in a gigantic fiery blast, f*ckin' awesome, man (speculation mine).

Bay also promises "more interesting characters", which I assume means that the sequel will have... characters. Shia LeBeouf is expected to return, and let's hope that (credited) TRANSFORMERS writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci will quickly recover from the strike to concatenate Bay's ideas for robotic devastation. The movie is due June 26, 2009.

(Disclaimer: all sarcasm aside, I am actually a huge fan of Michael Bay and his bottomless enthusiasm for collateral damage, gunfights and hot chicks.)
Extra Tidbit: Yes, that is a picture of a robot who transforms into a shoe.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes



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