Bay's latest Fiasco

Michael "The Detonator" Bay has had some explosive success (a-hyuck!) at the box office with his directing efforts, but his Platinum Dunes production company has also picked a few pockets with remakes of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and AMITYVILLE HORROR.

But with the remake mistake THE HITCHER now roadkill and their FRIDAY THE 13th revamp in limbo, Bay's company is looking for original material such as their new project FIASCO HEIGHTS. The Universal movie takes place in a "stylized hyper-real noir environment akin to that of SIN CITY". Well, I guess I used a loose definition of the term "original". The story follows a hitman and a private eye who team up look for a broad and some other stuff that will require inordinate violence. One assumes.

The Dunes have another original project coming up, the supernatural crime flick HORSEMEN, but fear not! They'll be cocking up a classic by trying to remake Hitchcock's avian terror THE BIRDS.
Extra Tidbit: Michael Bay's favorite things include whip-pans, chicks, "hero shots", breasts, machinegun-speed edits, boobs, and objects that suddenly erupt into millions of fiery particles. He's... a hero.
Source: Variety



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