Be in a documentary

Do you like movies? Of course you do. How about video games? So much so that you would consider yourself a “hardcore gamer” (read: big friendless dork)? I kid, I kid, but I shit you not about the following: as was brought to our attention by Richard Brunton at Filmstalker, the makers of a documentary entitled PLAYERS have released what they’re referring to as a “casting call”, if it's possible to cast a documentary, and you may just fit the bill. Does any combination of the following apply to you?:

- Players of Madden, World of Warcraft,
- Halo, The Sims and others
- Men and Women
- All ages
- All professions
- Unique life stories
- Dynamic personalities

If so, the filmmakers, who in the casting release have ensured everyone that their film is “by and for gamers,” presumably to make clear that anyone who participates will not be made a fool, are interested in exploring…

How different is your real personality from your cyber persona? How different is your daily life from your gaming life? Are you a gamer in a time of transition? Or perhaps you’ve found a life-long relationship/connection in the online gaming world...

If this sounds like the vanity project you’ve been waiting for, the vehicle by which you will be driven to superstardom, or perhaps a means to get laid, then head to the official PLAYERS site HERE to download the release and get the necessary contact address. In the meantime, soak in that thoroughly creepy pic above.

Extra Tidbit: I just picked up the 1989 Fred Savage Nintendo opus THE WIZARD on DVD and I'm pretty jazzed about it.



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