Be in Star Wars doc?

We've mentioned this upcoming documentary on the site before (although their cool-ass C-3PO poster has already been 86'd by the Lucas clan.....grrrrrr!), but apparently the people behind it are in full gear this coming week, as the holy grail that is the San Diego Comic Con is now in full swing. The documentary is called THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS (official site HERE), and if you're interested in talking to them while in San Diego, they'll be the ones wearing the PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS T-shirts and are apparently very approachable. They'll also be handing out 4 brand new limited edition (1,000 each) Comic Con exclusive postcards (you can see one of them in this article) which you can own simply by going up to them and saying "Hey!". Well, I guess you'd have to ask for them as well. The back of each postcard has a quote about George Lucas from fictional characters (although the quotes are from actual interviewees). Here's the documentary crew's shooting schedule over the next couple of weeks. September 30th will be their cut-off date for all footage submissions. Can't wait to see this thing..

July 22-26: Comic-Con (San Diego)
July 27-29: Los Angeles
July 30-31: Modesto
August 1st: Frank & Son Collectible Show (Los Angeles)
August 5-10: WorldCon (Montreal)

Extra Tidbit: George Lucas' nickname throughout high school was Luke. Get it? Luke Skywalker, baby!



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