Beard does Tintin

Tintin Steven Spielberg, whose beard has become as iconic as the man himself, snatched up the rights to Belgian comic hero Tintin (and his trusty dog sidekick Snowy) from creator Georges Remi aka Herge just before he died about 23 years ago but was never able to get the film off the ground for the myriad reasons that projects stall on their way to production paradise. Recently, however, summoning the all-mighty power of his facial hair, he's been given a go to move forward with the project through, naturally, DreamWorks. There's been no mention of whether the project will be live action, CGI or a combination of the two but it will, in fact, be a mega-budgeted production with a full-fledged international promotion, in contrast to the two live action adaptations released in the 1960s (there's also been two animated series and a stage play last year named "Tintin in Tibet" performed by London's Young Vic theater company). And should the first one prove successful, you can bet your sweet little tush, the remaining 22 books in the series will make their way to the big screen.

Extra Tidbit: Tintin was largely based on Hergé's earlier fat character, the boy-scout Totor.



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