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Because you didn't ask for it- a Legion TV show


Scott Stewart's LEGION was a fairly lousy film. A silly tale of an army of angels who come to earth to kill a massively pregnant woman and fail miserably (perhaps because the angels posess humans and become stupid zombie-like creatures that can't even handle guns?), it starred Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael, the only angel who decided to help the mortals.

The film made back its money but didn't exactly light the world on fire, so perhaps it's fitting that the show will be getting a new home on SyFy. 

That's right, Stewart will direct and executive produce a tv adaptation of LEGION, which will be written by Vaun Wilmott ("Sons of Anarchy"). Since Adrianne Palicki's character was really trying to pull a Sarah Conner with the bandana and voiceover, perhaps we'll see her becoming more of an action hero as she tries to keep her son safe.

No word on casting for the show just yet.

Source: Deadline



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