Bee Movie in Cannes

When DreamWorks intends on promoting a new film, they pull out all the stops (previous Cannes promos include SHARK TALE, WALLACE & GROMIT and DREAMGIRLS). Not a dime was spared for the special presentation and luncheon of the highly anticipated animation flick BEE MOVIE here at the Cannes Film Festival. This morning, we were invited to a special preview of the film, which is slated for release on November 2nd of this year (you can check out the film's first full trailer online HERE).

After DreamWorks Animation’s CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg opened he presentation with a brief description of the film’s conception, he introduced BEE MOVIE’S brain father and comedian Jerry Seinfeld on stage with him. Beginning his presentation with some typically funny Seinfeld jokes, he explained how his bee idea finally came to fruition and then led us into a couple of skits video taped inside DreamWorks studios. Soon after, we were introduced to Director Steve Hickner who outlined each scene before allowing proceeding with the screening.

The first scene opened to the main bee Barry, the voice of Seinfeld, who lives in New Hive City , much like NYC, and works in the honeybee factory called Honex. Although every bee has a permanently assigned, lifetime occupation in the honey factory, he grew complacent and decided to challenge his responsibilities. In doing so, he ventured out of Honex with the pollen jock bees to hunt for fresh pollen in Central Park and risked his life in the interim.

The second scene illustrated Barry’s first human encounter when Vanessa, the voice of Renee Zellweger, saved his life. Going against the ‘bee law,’ he became infatuated with Vanessa, thus revealing his ability to talk with humans while thanking her.

The third scene focused on Barry’s parents who were concerned with his lack of ambition and disinterest in the bee life. Barry’s continued fascination with Vanessa, led him into a supermarket shopping spree where he made a life changing discovery of the human race and bee exploitation after spotting honey jars along the shelf. Outraged, he flew off, landed on a truck windshield filled with other bugs and befriended a mosquito voiced by Chris Rock.

After the scene, Chris Rock was introduced onstage with Seinfeld, to talk about their respective roles. Their witty exchanges elicited continuous and unanimous laughter throughout the theatre reflecting their compatibility in their joint efforts.

The following scene revealed an inauguration in ‘court’ conducted by a Judge voiced by Oprah, to settle Barry’s lawsuit against Sting and Ray Liotta, accusing them of stealing the bee culture.

Immediately to follow, we were introduced to a ‘bee news’ scene and reportage detailing the bee exploitation trial and a hilarious questionnaire conducted by Bee Larry King, the bee twin of Larry King.

The sneak preview ended with a clip exposing the famous artists involved in collaboration of this entertaining animation film. A beach luncheon followed soon after and we all congregated on the waterfront club for an incredible lunch following a media photo feeding frenzy (more pics below). The beach restaurant was appropriately color coordinated and decorated in black and yellow bee themes, floral displays, a bee ice sculpture, bee sand designs and bee cookies. Everything tasted delectable as expected in France ; the country of rich foods and irresistible pastries.

Making a classic DreamWorks publicity stunt, Seinfeld made a dramatic and exciting entrance by sliding down from the top of the restaurant to the other side dressed in a bee costume as Rock cheered him on. They posed for photos, participated in TV interviews, and joined us at our luncheon. After satisfying my cravings, catching some rays, and breathing in the ocean air, I bowed out of a memorable and successful event.

Once again, DreamWorks Animation upheld its reputation as the big spender. After all, I suspect that the BEE MOVIE will be the next HAPPY FEET if not surpass its success and generate an obscene amount of revenue. I know I’m definitely looking forward to watching the film later this year and so should you.

Check out the
official BEE MOVIE website here

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