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Jerry Seinfeld recently told EW.com that after finishing SEINFELD, he didn’t want to even think about making something else. “I just can't express where I was at mentally after creating 90 hours of scripted television.” When I read that, I was all, 'That’s it? 90 hours? Those countless SEINFELD episodes add up to a mere three days and change?’ Then he put it in these terms: “That's 53 some-odd feature-length films in nine years. After that, no movie was going to appeal to me.” When you put it in those terms...

But finally, after years of us waiting, and him brushing his teeth with gold coins, Jerry has made his return to scripted projects with the Dreamworks animation project BEE MOVIE. We’ve already been privy to a couple of teasers for the film, but none of them showcased the animation, and instead had Jerry running around in an awkward bee costume with a few of his famous friends. This time around, we get to see Barry B. Benson in all his digital glory, whizzing around town and befriending a woman who sounds just like Renee Zellwegger. Although the trailer does not reveal the movie’s plot, which revolves around Barry (voiced by Seinfeld) suing the human race for stealing honey, we nevertheless get a good idea of what the movie will be liking. It looks promising, although I’m hoping for a little more ‘Seinfeldian’ humour than we’re treated to in the trailer. Check the trailer out HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I call him Jerry because after 9 seasons and endless repeats, I feel like we're pals.
Source: Moviefone



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