Beefy Wall Street

WALL STREET We've been hearing about Oliver Stone doing a sequel to WALL STREET, his iconic 1987 film showcasing Michael Douglas' Oscar winning performance as the ruthless, greed-driven Gordon Gekko, for quite a while now but it seems he's only recently closed a deal with Fox to direct with Douglas on board to reprise his award winning role. Coming from a script by 21 scribe Allan Loeb, the film will once again pick up on the machinations of Gekko as he indoctrinates another wide-eyed, young broker in the ways of unapologetic greed and this time, that wide-eyed young broker may be none other than…wait for it…The Beef! That's right, our favorite, fast-talking, robot helping youngin' Shia The Beef may fall under the expertly sinister tutelage of Gordon Gekko. So, basically, they're not doing anything new. They're essentially remaking the original. That about the size of it?

Extra Tidbit: Tom Cruise originally wanted to play the role of Bud Fox but Stone had already promised the role to Charlie Sheen.
Source: THR



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