Behind Nation's Pride

If you still haven't seen INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, you might not have that much more time to see it in the theaters so I recommend you head out this weekend and check it out. If that was the purpose of the video below (me reminded people to go see INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), then I suppose it worked. If the purpose was to be funny, cheeky or somehow entertaining, I think it failed.

The basic setup is that it's an EPK-style piece for the Nazi propaganda film "Nation's Pride" that features heavily in the later acts of BASTERDS. Except for a film like BASTERDS, which relies heavily on authenticity, this clip is about as authentic as a three-dollar bill. I mean Daniel Bruhl, who plays "Nation's" star Frederick Zoller, is doing his interview in a windbreaker and blue oxford shirt. I mean maybe that's the point that it's so bad it's parodying modern EPKs but if that's the point, I think the point was missed. That said, if you've ever wanted to see Eli Roth try out his German accent, check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't seen BASTERDS don't let this skew your opinion of the film.
Source: Apple



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