Behind-the-scenes look at the new 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

It might be a crappy cam clip, but it's also a behind the scenes look at NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

This sneak peek is actually featured on the FINAL DESTINATION 4 DVD. Now, if FINAL'S destination was not your collection, fear not. The footage was uploaded to Youtube for our viewing pleasure. The clip talks about the making of the legendary glove as well as Hayley on the new Krueger.

I'm starting to change my negative tune when it comes to a new Freddy. I know, I know, I should grow some balls and give it a real chance. What draws me in is seeing if Samuel Bayer can pull off a feature film. If the videos he's directed are any indication of how good this will be, then it should be pretty damn good. Note: the last scene made me chuckle a bit.

Extra Tidbit: Katie Cassidy is the Daughter of Partridge sexy man, David Cassidy.
Source: Youtube.com



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