Behold the final Tron Legacy poster

I can't remember the last time I've seen more promotional posters for a movie. I understand why TRON: LEGACY has spit out dozens of these in the months before its release, because the TRON neon-glo style makes for badass posters. But when you've seen five, you've seen 100, and so I'm glad this is the FINAL poster we'll be seeing for the film.

It features Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde worshipping a light ring, while cool technological stuff happens in the background. Side note, as I was sitting in JACKASS 3D this weekend wearing shit-tastic Real 3D glasses, I saw a preview for TRON: LEGACY in 3D I was less than impressed with. Is this movie really going to be in Real 3D, or is it using better tech than that I just saw a less than impressive rendition? And don't get me started on the fact that JACKASS only used real 3D in TWO scenes, and my theater didn't even have a 2D OPTION.

Anyway, check out the poster below via Yahoo! and click through to see at the Pimpin Poster Palace.

Update: I've been informed this is a reference to the original TRON poster. Sorry, I'm young, so I never saw that when it was actually hanging up in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: Fine, I'll see it in 3D, but only for Olivia Wilde.
Source: Yahoo!



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