Behold: Wolfman!!

UPDATE - Now with hi-res images below!

Owww owwww OOOWWOOHoowOOwwooW! OK, that was my lame attempt to articulate a Wolf Man howl. I would hope and suspect it's actually more frightening in real life. But all my barking at the moon is for a purpose - Universal has debuted the first look at Benicio Del Toro in full makeup as The Wolfman in....THE WOLFMAN! Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive along with a nifty little interview with makeup maestro Rick Baker.

Regardless of what you think of the makeup (I love the teeth), you've got to applaud Universal's decision to come out with it this early in the game. Unlike so many other films where everything is soooo top secret (*cough*startrek*cough*), Universal had the balls to slap it out on the table and show it off to the world. To me that means confidence. And when a studio has confidence, I start having confidence. Enough ranting. Check out the pics below and click here to head to EW.com to read what Mr. Baker has to say.

Extra Tidbit: Check back here tomorrow for hi-res versions of these WOLFMAN pics where you'll be able to check for cavities in the back molars.



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