Being "Brad Pitt"

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH was such an original film you just knew that one of these days, someone would try to capitalize on its success with a similar format.  That time is now friends as Les Firestein (the genius behind "The Mike O'Malley Show") has signed a deal to write and direct BRAD PITT WANTS MY GIRLFRIEND.  The film, which will attempt to woo Brad Pitt to star, follows a young couple who are having relationship troubles.  The woman takes a break to visit friends in Canada and meets Brad Pitt who's filming a movie in the area.  They fall in love and the boyfriend decides it's time to win back his girl.  Hilarity ensues (theoretically).  Pitt only recently learned of the project and hasn't made any decisions.  But if Pitt declines, Firestein says the character could be rewritten to any number of Hollywood celebs. "It could be Bono, it could be Kobe, Lenny Kravitz, Keanu Reeves, George Clooney, David Duchovny or Tiger Woods," says Firestein.

Source: Variety
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