Bel Ami poster and trailer promise sex and a mixture of accents

BEL AMI, the period drama starring Robert Pattinson, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Uma Thurman, has a new poster to go along with the previously released official trailer.

Robert Pattinson is one of those actors who seems to have potential but ends up playing every role the same way as he does in TWILIGHT. With the exception of Cronenberg's COSMOPOLIS, this appears to be the another in the same line of roles he usually takes.

Here's the story: Pattinson stars as the young and very ambitious George Duroy, who discovers that his unadulterated passion and seduction skills with influential Parisian ladies, above-all, is the fastest and most effective way to the upper echelons of the society he so desperately wants to control.

All of the actors in this one are quality performers, but in watching this trailer, I cannot tell for the life of me who is doing an American accent and who is doing a British accent. Aren't they supposed to be French?

BEL AMI will premiere on demand May 4th and open in theaters June 8th.

Extra Tidbit: Which of these three ladies would you rather take to bed?



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