Bell is hard to Forget

Super cutie Kristen Bell has signed on to star in the movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL which is written by HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER's Jason Segel and directed by first timer Nick Stoller.

Heartbroken Peter (Segel), after a terrible break-up with his TV star girlfriend, super cutie Sarah Marshall (Bell) tries to get over the ordeal by taking a vacation in Hawaii. Unfortunately fate doesn't look kindly on Peter as Sarah happens to be staying at the same exclusive resort, along with her new boyfriend.

Something tells me that at some point in the future I will probably have to change the slant of that synopsis from "fate doesn't look kindly" to "fate looks extremely kindly on him as this twist eventually brings them back together in a wonderfully comedic fashion".
Extra Tidbit: It is a generally accepted fact that Kristen Bell got to be such a super cutie because of her mixed Irish-Polish heritage. Her father is Irish and her mother is a tiny little fluffy bunny that wears rainbow jumpers.



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