Bello talks Mummy 3

Rachel Weisz won't be back to help Brendan Fraser battle armies from beyond the grave, but he'll have a perfectly capable new spouse in the freshly auburn-haired Maria Bello.

When the O'Connell clan faces off against Jet Li's undead emperor, Bello will be more than prepared, as she tells Sci-Fi Wire: "She's a bad-ass action chick. I had to train a lot. I had to do wushu, a martial-art form, some kickboxing, swordfighting, rifle training for a couple of months before we even started shooting." Sounds like she'll be getting a bit more butt-busting exercise than Weisz's femme-vs.-femme battle in the second flick.

The movie, which also features Michelle Yeoh as a wizard, is already slotted for August 1st, 2008 and is directed by Rob Cohen, the man behind the camera for such aggressive and excessive "entertainment" as STEALTH, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and XXX. So expect the new MUMMY to travel at ridiculous velocity...
Extra Tidbit: Cohen had originally planned to direct Keanu Reeves in a SINBAD movie before that sailor sank.
Source: Sci-Fi Wire



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