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Ben Affleck looks lost in two new posters for David Fincher's Gone Girl


As the final month of the summer movie season begins, it is already time to get excited for all of the awards contenders coming our way this fall and winter. One especially exciting movie is David Fincher's GONE GIRL. While any new Fincher movie brings with it a high level of anticipation, GONE GIRL seems to be reaching another level entirely.

Maybe it is Ben Affleck in his first post-Oscar win or last pre-BATMAN V SUPERMAN role. Maybe it is the rabid fan-base the source novel has developed since publication. Whatever the case, GONE GIRL looks like one heck of a thriller. With months to go before release, two new posters have premiered online and both focus on the duplicitous nature of Ben Affleck's character.

With the centerpiece of the film being the missing Amy Dunn, played by Rosamund Pike, the media surrounding GONE GIRL has been able to capitalize on missing posters and other viral tactics. The official GONE GIRL Twitter feed even shared a number you can call to report Amy missing.

When you call the number in the add, a quote from the novel is read from the perspective of Affleck's character (though it is not Affleck on the recording). It is a really f*cking creepy excerpt from the book and once you hear it, it will haunt you. Hopefully the film continues to release this great campaigning leading up to the release on October 3rd.

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