Ben Affleck on Batman casting backlash: "I'm very tough"

So now that everyone has shared their opinion on not just Ben Affleck as Batman but also the reaction on the internet that followed, how about we hear from the man himself who will be wearing the cowl in the sequel to MAN OF STEEL? Affleck was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a month after the casting news was first announced, he finally talked a little about playing Batman and intense fan reaction to him playing the vigilante. Jump to the 1:40 mark for the Batman conversation.

Ben Affleck responded to his critics just like I thought he would: with humor and by not taking it too seriously. I love the bit about the first fan response to him as Bruce Wayne that he read was "Noooooooooooo!" and the interview kind of reminds me of when he went on the Tonight Show and read quotes from horrible reviews for GIGLI. I for one am excited to see how Ben Affleck's Batman will be different from previous versions, and I do think he'll do an excellent job as The Dark Knight.

The untitled BATMAN/SUPERMAN film directed by Zack Snyder will be in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Ben Affleck really is a very funny dude. I'd love to see him do some more comedies.



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