Ben Affleck reveals the title for his solo Batman film

The most recent hot gossip surrounding the JUSTICE LEAGUE/SOLO BATMAN FILM was that Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke would be giving Bats some trouble. That's not much, but we take what we can get regarding the future of the DC cinematic universe. As it happens, Ben Affleck has just revealed another cool tidbit in regards to the actual title of the film. He said as much in an interview with Associated Press that the title for his solo endeavor is simply THE BATMAN.

Sure, it's a tentative title, but it's already better than half of the BATMAN titles that have come our way. In any case, Affleck could call the film BAMTAN F*CK YOURSELF and it would still be one of the most anticipated comic book films of all time. Hell, it's possible that THE BATMAN is just a moniker to keep speculation at bay while they work on their script. If that sounds like I'm holding out for a ARKHAM ASYLUM flick...you may be right!

The Dark Knight will make his next appearance in JUSTICE LEAGUE, which opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.



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