Ben Button script review

God, finally there is some word on THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. A script review has popped up over at Collider, and while it's a little old (it's from 2002) and has probably seen numerous revisions since, it's a nice little look at what should be an incredible movie. Oh yeah, Dave Fincher (FIGHT CLUB) directs and Brad Pitt (YES, HIM) stars, for the uninitiated. The film is based loosely on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, celebrated author of The Great Gatsby. And it is loosely, I've read the short story and much of the screenplay seems like it's all Eric Roth (MUNICH, FORREST GUMP). Cate Blanchett's character, for example, is a completely new innovation and she's one of the main characters (she's who our man's in love with). We get the impression from the review that the movie isn't going to be a 'quaint and peculiar' one, as the short story was, instead this will be an epic film about love, loss and probably most importantly, the inevitability of death. Click HERE to check out the review. There are moderate spoilers, but the guy who wrote the piece does well not to ruin anything major.
Extra Tidbit: Elle Fanning, Dakota's sister plays a young Cate Blanchett in BUTTON. And don't bother looking, Pitt wasn't in a little-known movie called 'YES, HIM'.
Source: Collider



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