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Ben Stiller in early talks to take the lead in I Am Chippendales


When I saw the headline for this Ben Stiller/Chippendales story, the two images in the header above were what I thought of. However, it doesnít sound like itís going to be a flick that goes straight for the laughs.

The story of I AM CHIPPENDALES is a true one based on the book by Rodney Sheldon, it centers on:

Steve Banerjee, an immigrant who went from pumping gas in Culver City to running a high-end nightclub that evolved into Chippendales. As the male-stripper concept became a phenomenon in the 1980s at the height of the womenís lib movement, Banerjee was consumed by excess and competition. After hiring a New York choreographer to polish the all-male dance troupe, he became wildly rich, and just as paranoid. Banerjee hired a hitman to murder the choreographer when negotiations went sour. After being arrested, Banerjee died in jail awaiting trial. Stiller will play the choreographer.

Deadline calls it a mix between MAGIC MIKE and SCARFACE. TRUE BLOODís Alan Ball will take on both helming and adapting duties. The project has been in the works since last year when it was revealed that 2014 would bring the final season of TRUE BLOOD.

This could be a great role for Stiller especially if itís more heavy on the dramatic side. Now Iím left wondering who will take on the part of Banerjee.

Source: Deadline



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