Benicio Del Toro has An Ex to Grind with Cameron Diaz

Here comes another rom-com, except this time there's no sight of Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Aniston.

Fox acquired the rights to AN EX TO GRIND, a novel by Jane Heller. In a packaged deal with the rights, came Benicio Del Toro and Cameron Diaz starring opposite one another. That's correct, but Benicio has taken this leap before with another blonde. Anyone remember EXCESS BAGGAGE with Alicia Silverstone?

It's the story of a star athlete (Del Toro) who supports his waitress wife (Diaz) for years until he has an accident. Jump ahead a few years later, the husband has turned into an overweight slob and the chick is super successful. But when the husband is the one in need of support, his wife isn't having it. When going to file for divorce she discovers that she will have to pay alimony to support his lifestyle that lead her to dump him in the first place. In hopes to get around it, the wife tries to find her husband someone new. Sadly, the plan does not work out the way she had intended. When her husband gets back to his good old self, she finds herself wanting him again.

Don't we already know the end of this movie? I haven't read the book, but I can say I'm pretty damn sure they fall in love all over again. Blah, blah, blabbity, blah.

Laura Bickford (TRAFFIC, DUPLICITY) and Julie Yorn (MAX PAYNE, BRIDE WARS) will produce.

Extra Tidbit: Everytime I hear "White Rabbit", I think of Benicio getting pelted with a grapefruit.
Source: Deadline



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