Benicio Easton Ellis?

Bret Easton Ellis, acclaimed author of "Less than Zero" and "American Psycho" is having his novel "Lunar Park" adapted and made into a feature. He said:

“’Lunar Park’ is in some state of pre-production. This is a very funny town... Oddly enough, Benicio Del Toro I think is going to do it... I don’t even think he read the book; I just think he read the script and said ‘Oh, this is an Anglo writer and you’re not casting a white dude? You’ve come to me?’ And I think that rarely happens for him. I think he’s offered a lot of Spanish characters and ethnic types, and I think it’s very rare for him to get offered Anglo parts.”

And that's just a sound argument that I had never contemplated. Turns out it is perfect too because the script I'm working on (BISEXUAL SAMURAI CHEERLEADERS WHO LOVE JAMES AND GETTING NAKED) has a dynamite role for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and I'm not sure she gets offered a lot of bisexual parts. One might even say this would be a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.
Extra Tidbit: And the plot of the movie is that a narcissistic drug addict gets a chance to redeem himself when an old lover offers to marry him.
Source: MTV



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