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Benjamin Walker is ready to fight on top of a train on this poster for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER is absurd. I bet when Seth Grahame-Smith sat down to brainstorm, he thought, "I need to come up with the most absurd shit ever. Let's mess with history." It sounds like one of those ideas you get when you're high.

Be honest with yourself though, it's going to be a fun flick. "Did Lincoln just cut off that dude's head with an axe?" Yes, yes he did. Historical inaccuracies are something to be enjoyed. Plus, you get some eye candy with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

A new international poster has popped up for the film. It shows Benjamin Walker as Lincoln on top of a train with an axe in one hand and his hat in the other. He is going to f*ck your shit up, son. The film is due to release June 22, 2012.

Check it out below.

Source: Empire



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