Benz heads Saw V

Julie Benz, the chick from RAMBO is set to star in SAW V. God, they are just churning these bad boys out, huh? Nothing is known about the plot yet, but something - let's call it my detective's instinct - tells me that there will be a game, someone's life will be on the line, a bunch of gruesome deaths, and then a twist ending. Franchise main-stay Tobin Bell is reportedly back, as is Scott Patterson.

Question: do people buy SAW DVD box-sets? I saw that sick trilogy box-set with the holographic Jigsaw picture on the front, did anyone buy that? Can you really buy a DVD box-set when you know there's another just around the corner, and thus a new 'definitive' box-set too? Anyway, David Hackl, who served as Production Designer on SAWs II through IV will be taking directorial duties this time around, with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (SAW IV) writing the screenplay.
Extra Tidbit: Tobin Bell coaches Little League baseball! Imagine that! Imagine him recruiting players! "Hi there Timmy, do you want to play a game?" "Noooooo! A game?? NOOOOOO!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!"
Source: Variety



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