Berg has Lone Survivor

Now that the "War on Terror" is over, it's time to reflect back on those dark days in feature film form. Wait, what? It's not over? Oh well, there's still entertainment to be had! Hey, airplane disaster stories and 9/11 movies are fair game, so why not?

As soldiers and civilians continue to get chunks of themselves blown off for incomprehensible purposes, Hollywood is taking advantage of the ongoing Middle East turmoil to make a few Important Movies. Director Peter Berg, who used the setting of Saudi Arabia for his terrorism thriller THE KINGDOM, is now planning to head into Afghanistan for LONE SURVIVOR. Universal won the bidding war for rights to the book.

The movie will be based on the real-life account of Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL whose team was wiped out on a mission to kill a Taliban leader in Afghanistan in 2005. Other upcoming Important Movies related to events of the "War on Terror" include LIONS FOR LAMBS, STOP LOSS, GRACE IS GONE and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH. Meanwhile, Berg is helping Will Smith fly (and bonk Charlize Theron) in the superhero drama HANCOCK.

Extra Tidbit: Berg's big break in film was fighting a body-jumping convict in Wes Craven's SHOCKER.
Source: Variety



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