Berg on Hancock 2

Silly us, we all paid millions of dollars to go see HANCOCK, then for the most part left decidedly disappointed. But because of our millions of dollars, we now have HANCOCK 2, the sequel that no one ever really asked for. Those behind the film seem to think they've created some sort of "cool mythology" that audiences want to see more of. Unfortunately, they fail to realize is that it’s the “cool mythology” that messed up the first film, which was just supposed to be about Will Smith being hilarious as a vulgar, homeless superhero.

But Peter Berg recently talked to MTV News briefly about the project and said, "Everybody's going to come back for a sequel.” He also hinted at a mysterious “third god” entering into the equation, and it’s promised to be a pretty big A-lister. I hope it’s Tom Cruise. I am not kidding. The man can do comedy, and should be doing more of it.

I’m not alone in thinking that the first film really didn’t warrant a sequel (financial motivations from the studio aside), right? Or is there a contingent of die-hard HANCOCK fans out there, just clamoring to unravel the mysteries of the hastily created HANCOCK universe? You tell me.

Extra Tidbit: Does "everybody" include Bateman?
Source: MTV



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