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Berg replaces Demme

Mar. 7, 2002by: Mike Sampson

VERY BAD THINGS director Peter Berg was forced to push his follow-up film TRUCK 44 to the back-burner after the events of September 11th (the plot followed NYC firefighters who accidentally sent a destructive fire while robbing a highrise apartment).  But while he waits for the climate to cool and the time to become right to film that project, he's decided on a project for the interim.  He'll take over the directorial duties on NAUTICA, a film that was left sans director after Ted Demme's tragic death.  The thriller, about three pals and a murder aboard a yacht, was originally to star Heath Ledger and Ewan McGregor but Ledger has dropped to film ALEXANDER with Oliver Stone.   Once a suitable replacement is found, filming will begin and Berg hopes to make a fitting tribute to his late pal.

Source: Variety
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