Bernie Mac as Bosley

If Bernie Mac's blossoming movie career keeps taking off, his successful Fox TV show "The Bernie Mac Show" may not be around very long.  In addition to just signing on to star with Chris Rock in HEAD OF STATE, Mac has just signed on to two high-profile roles.  First, he will replace Bill Murray in CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2 as a Bosley-type character.  While the studio is trying to keep his character's relationship to Murray's Bosley a secret, it's believed they are somehow related.   Filming is scheduled to begin this fall for a summer 2003 release.  Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu will all return as the ANGELS.

Next, Mac will co-star with Billy Bob Thornton in the holiday comedy BAD SANTA.   In the film he'll play a mall cop who rightly suspects Thorton's Santa Claus is ripping off kids and their parents but has trouble finding a way to arrest Santa without spoiling Christmas.  That film, which is produced by the Coen Bros., is set for a holiday 2003 release.  Mac will work on these films in between breaks on the second season of his show.

Source: Variety
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