Bernie Mac gets Old

It's gotta be tough for a guy like Bernie Mac, one of the freshest and smartest comedians on the circuit just a few years ago, to have to take a supporting role in a John Travolta/Robin Williams comedy. But there are bills and such roles pay such bills. Mac has signed on to co-star in OLD DOGS with Travolta and Williams about two business partners taking care of 7-year-old twins. Mac will play Johnny Lunchbox, a puppeteer that is described as being the Elvis of child entertainers. Oh Bernie... If the thought of a Travolta/Williams comedy about taking care of kids didn't make you cringe enough in the first place, it'll be directed by the guy, Walt Becker, who made WILD HOGS, another intolerable Travolta "comedy." To be fair, Becker also directed VAN WILDER, which was moderately funny and does have quite a fair cult following. Kelly Preston and Matt Dillon (?!) also co-star in the Disney film. Production is supposed to begin later this fall. Mac can be heard in another Disney film, the animated BOLT (formerly AMERICAN DOG).

Extra Tidbit: Mac is retiring from comedy after he films one final standup special later this year.



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