Berry goes bald

Halle Berry Following in the cinematic footsteps of Natalie Portman, who cleaved her brunette locks for her role as freedom fighter sidekick Evey Hammond in the graphic novel adapted actioner V FOR VENDETTA, Halle Berry has decided to shave her own perfectly groomed Hollywood A-list hair for an upcoming romantic comedy tentatively titled NAPPILY EVER AFTER. In it, she'll star as a woman whose hair is falling out but rather than have it be an embarrassingly slow process, she decides to cut it all off and show the world she's prepared for all the "pinhead" and "qball" jokes they can lob at her. She can next be seen alongside Bruce Willis with a full set of hair in the email-based thriller PERFECT STRANGER.

In case anyone's wondering, the picture to the right is of Berry receiving her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rather than have it be just another boring ceremony, though, she decided to strike several sexually suggestive poses with her star and just as she changed into a wet t-shirt and panties and started asking for a hose, a pony and a star-shaped mechanical device, a law enforcement officer regrettably had to put a hand on her shoulder and say "Ok, Halle, that's enough". Get pictures of the event at our hottie-loving sister site HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The filmmakers filmed three different endings to PERFECT STRANGER, each with a different character as the killer.
Source: CNN



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