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Louise strikes the pause...

French filmmaker Luc Besson's movies might not have the most engrossing stories, the man nevertheless does have a knack for damn fine action sequences, so much that most of his movies whether as a producer or director end up hits this side of the sea as well. And having wrapped production on his ARTHUR films, he's been quietly but briskly moving on to his next project, which some refer to as a female Indiana Jones.

Directed by Besson himself, THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ADELE DRY-WHITE is envisioned as a trilogy based on the long-running comic books by Jacques Tardi. The leading lady, played by the statuesque Louise Bourgouin (the one you've been looking at for 5 minutes right there on the right), is a reporter from the early 1900s who through the course of the books confronts mummies, monsters, dinos and mad scientists. So clearly she covers politics.

Besson again provides his own screenplay, with production already underway on the first film for a spring 2010 release. At least in France. And Montreal. Go Habs!

Here's also the teaser poster for the film. Not very indicative of an ass-kicking movie, but I'll trust Big Luc on this one.

              Adele Blanc-Sec poster

Extra Tidbit: So I guess we won't be getting a Portman-sequel to LEON THE PROFESSIONAL anytime soon...
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