Besson's mega studio

I love Luc Besson. I should put that out there before I get into this. The French film director/writer/producer/banger of Milla Jovovich will be building the $42 million Paris Studios, the first French "mega studio" hopefully, to rival Pinewood in London and Babelsberg in Berlin, as home to major Hollywood productions. With nine soundstages, including one at 23,680 square feet, Paris Studios will be part of the ambitious La Cite du Cinema film complex, located in Saint Denis, northern Paris.

Besson has been working diligently at getting this thing together since he was filming THE FIFTH ELEMENT and was forced to shoot at Pinewood (London) for lack of a big French studio. Because that is an appropriate reaction to having to work in a place you don't like. Spending $42 million. I'm kidding of course, whatever gets us closer to a FIFTH ELEMENT sequel. Has he ever hinted that might be happening? I don't think so, no. But fabricated conjuncture definitely can't do any harm. I heard he was in talks with Gary Oldman about returning as the ghost of Emanuel Zorg! True story!!
Extra Tidbit: Besson has five kids with three different women.
Source: Variety



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