Best 2007: Hotties! 1/2

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the first annual "Best/Worst Awards of 2007" here are MovieHotties.com. It's been a pretty wicked year as you all know already in terms of celebrity gossip, scandals, photo shoots, movies and all that other good stuff.

Due to the fact that 2007 was such a big year, we've decided to create categories and select a winner for each one followed by the runner-up whether it be in the "Best" or "Worst" category. There will be two parts so stay tuned for the finale which is coming soon. Until then, check out all the big winners this year and we'd love to hear your comments at the bottom about our choices. Enjoy!

Breakthrough Hottie of the Year

Megan Fox

I don't think there is a doubt in anyone's mind that this particular hottie deserves the crown for 2007 when she blew apart our minds and jeans in "Transformers". I think we're going to see some amazingly hot shit from this girl in the future.

Runner-Up: Ellen Page

Best Tits Shot of the Year

Lena Headey During Sex Scene - "300"

Lena practically came out of nowhere this year as the female lead in "300" and she started her career off with a terrific tit shot while getting shagged by that lucky Scottish bastard. Her cans definitely take the award this year even though it was a tight race since there have been a few other great ones as well.

Runner-Up: Marisa Tomei in "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"

Hottest Beach Photo of the Year

Jessica Biel - January 2007

This was a tough category to decide on but that ass just needs to be rewarded. Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba are practically at the same level when it comes to their perfect buns so it was tight. I am however confident in my decision that Biel is the winner for 2007.

Runner-Up: Jessica Alba - January 2007

Sexiest Magazine Cover of the Year

Jessica Alba - "GQ" Magazine (June 2007)

Was there ever any doubt? There have been some smokin' hot magazine shoots this year but none of them spread like wildfire across the internet as fast as this one did. Jessica truly outdid herself in this and I think I'm not alone when I admit that I'd love to bite on that thin piece crossing her cleavage.

Runner-Up: Jessica Biel - "GQ" magazine (July 2007)

Sexiest Movie Poster of the Year

Lena Headey's Backside - "300"

Once again, Lena takes the lead because she was practically the reason that this category was created. There have been some hot posters for 2007 but that unbelievable backside of Lena's just oozes sex appeal. Wow!

Runner-Up: Jessica Alba - "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

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